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A few words from Danny Mills

Former Premiership and England player Danny Mills brought his 3 sons along to the FDS Harrogate Soccer School for many years.

"At first I was a little skeptical until I took my son along to a session. I was so impressed that my eldest son now trains 4 times a week, 2 technical and 2 conditioning sessions, and the youngest twice a week. I think the skills they learn combined with matches really helps them develop.

FDS Harrogate coaching is great for all players, helping to develop skills and ball control. Many under 10's have more tricks and skills than I ever had. I believe it is one of many fantastic aspects of coaching and would recommend it to everyone. The training at FDS Harrogate Soccer Schools is perfect for the children to develop into fantastic footballers and become good people. I especially like the way the older players are encouraged to help, support and teach the younger ones."

Danny Mills

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